mardi 7 juin 2011

back to square one

I have been working on our stairs on and off for weeks, it's been hard work stripping off decades of wax.
I have also been trying to lighten the wood, which has worked a little, but not enough for my liking, so yesterday I tried the exact opposite and I stained the wood (not on photo), and guess what, I hated it, thankfully I only did the first flight of stairs. When MK came home for lunch, even she said it made them look dirty. So after a morning staining, I spent the afternoon removing it.
Now I can either give the stairs a coat of clear varnish, or lime wash them, then varnish, or wax...oh no, or paint all the stairs which I'd be really scared to do. I think I'll be spending the afternoon scouring the internet for inspiration.

The stairs are wax-free and lightened, whereas the landing you can see has just had the wax taken off...maybe I shouldn't have lightened the wood after all.

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