lundi 27 juin 2011

old garage falling down

At the top of our garden, there is an old garage, well it's supposed to be one, however as there's not enough space to fit a car through the entrance. It's quite big though, at least 40m2. I think it was used to house hens, but way back, well before Mr H lived here.

Our neighbour Edith told me it was there when she moved back here to look after her parents, in the early 50's, and probably was over a 100 years old.
Sometime recently (didn't notice at first), one of the beams gave way and we have had to take off the tiles that were hanging precariously, ready to fall at any time.

Now we have a dilemma on our hands, either to redo the timber and re-tile or take it all down, sell or give the 40m2 of very old terracotta tiles away and put something like this in it's place
Not in the same colour and not exactly this model, but you get the idea.

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