dimanche 5 juin 2011

Paris Grand Palais and Petit Palais and Winston C

Another hot day, 30°c in the shade. The warmest spring since records began, hardly any rain (I talking about about here in the Yvelines) for months.

We'd been planning for ages to go to the nearby Chateau of Versailles but opted for a visit to the Grand and Petit Palais in Paris before two expositions finished that we really wanted to see.
Monumenta 2011 Leviathan by Anish Kapoor at the Grand Palais

When you first arrive, you have to go through some turning doors (one at a time..) and you end up here, inside the artist's work.

Afterwards, we went into the immense nave to see it from the outside.
It was quite spectacular and well worth the visit. It leaves me wondering, what are they going to do with this work when the exposition finishes? Recycle it?

Over on the other side of the street we visited the Charlotte Perriand exposition, passing Winston Churchill on the way.

I love her work, her photography (a part from the industrial ones, metal and bolts) and the children actually enjoyed visiting this exposition too, in fact they preferred it, especially the main hall consecrated just to her work. Our children really are getting to like design.

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