lundi 20 juin 2011

Sunshine and Showers Fête de l'école

on the way down to the school fair

After months of blistering heat, the weather has returned to normal, not hot, just warm, and lots of well needed rain.
Saturday was a typical sunshine and showers day and also the annual Fête de l'école.
Alain and I helped set up the stands and we returned later with the children who were performing with their classes.

Marie-Kate's class have been working on Africa during this term, so what better way to end the year, but by an African dance. Marie-Kate who is very shy, forgot she was, and really had great fun with her class, in-front of at least 100 people!
A little later Alexis' class performed two dances, one from Portugal and the other from Vendée. Alexis remained serious throughout. He had been showing us the moves for weeks before, and it was really great to see him dancing with his partner.

After the children had fun playing fair games (it did take ages to get MK to stop being shy and have fun)

This is the first time I have seen this game, it's called tire à la ficelle. There are lots of strings attached to donated cuddly toys, and the children have to put on a string and on the other end, up and through the pipe, one cuddly toy will get pulled up, for them to take home. This was MK's favourite game by far, she bought home at least 5 new cuddly friends.

Back at home, I tried twice to get a nice shot of Alexis in his nice clean white shirt, but I didn't manage...maybe next time.

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