mercredi 8 juin 2011

Wednesday's Art

Most Wednesdays we try to do a little art, this usually ends with someone unhappy because their picture/painting hasn't worked or they didn't want to work to a theme

Today, Alexis and Marie-Kate made some cityscapes using newspaper for the buildings, and fabric for the doors and windows. Alexis had a hissy-fit over his and stormed off. The problem is, if you try and give either of them a suggestion, they just hate it and will do the opposite, then to often regret it.

Last week we worked on monuments and Gaby joined in after seeing MK's picture of l'Hotel des Invalides that she drew using a ruler, well Gaby hates rulers as it takes too much time, so this is her picture that took all but five minutes to draw (found it again this morning and just added it to the collection).

The photo at the top is one of the two doors in our kitchen, one is orange (Charlotte's locks) and the other, this one, is almost back (railings). Here, there are old and new pictures, the old ones being self portraits by Oliver and Charlotte from way back, when they were at nursery school in the UK. The biggest picture is of a Manga character drawn by MK. She only learnt to read this year and is already an avid Manga reader.

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