dimanche 28 août 2011

Our Street

We live right in the centre of our village, just a stone's throw from the local primary school. It's really quiet here, apart from when the children are dropped off for school.
You can see on the above photo where Marie-Kate is riding her bike, the village hall (salle des fêtes) , the bottom half is in stone and the top half rendered wood. There's quite a lot that goes on here, from plays to mini opera's and of course the annual Christmas Fair.
The house the children are in-front of here is enormous, and only two people live here! The owner is planning on opening a mini creche in the future some where within there.
The only thing we need now is a boulangerie or a local delivery service that delivers fresh baguettes, croissants, even if it was just once a week it would be wonderful.

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