vendredi 26 août 2011

Riding a bike at last

Mind that bottom, she still adamantly squeezes into her 6 year old leggings even though they are far to small.

It's been quite a difficult year, with the stress of selling our house in Sanary and moving to the Paris suburbs, then getting the house renovated (still lots to do...).
We managed a short break all together and that was great, now we're back we are trying to make more time for the family. I've been taking Marie-Kate out so she could at last learn to ride her bicycle that she had for her birthday. She had been reticent about riding it, since she didn't want to fall off, but as of this week she can ride her bike and she loves it.

The photo was taken in the Vexin countryside in a little village called Jambville. We were there to pick up Gabrielle from a sleep over at her friends.

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