dimanche 25 septembre 2011

Où se trouve mon mari...

I just received a photo from Alain, who took this photo of the FPSO Usan, probably from his Flotel nearby..;Mooring hasn't begun even though he's been there since Wednesday:(

Fitness and my dip station

Charlotte likes taking photos of everything and thankfully she cut off my head on this one, but you can see my new dip station, and that's what counts.

For the last 7 weeks Alain and I have been on a fitness drive, eating less (snacking I mean and cutting out butter, sugar , processed food et cetera) and doing sport when possible, and I'm happy to be back at a more acceptable weight.
I have been following Zuzana on Bodyrock tv, and have even bought a dip station, and I just love it.
Next up, I just have to get a sandbag, but maybe not in pink, so that Alain can use it too.
I still have a few kilos to lose, but maybe by the time Alain gets back from his FPSO in Nigeria I might be half way there...

I won't mention how much I have lost, because it's kind of frightening, but a lot, and I like it.

mercredi 21 septembre 2011

Home alone with five children

You see on the map the small triangle with Usan FPSO, well that's where my husband is, well will be as of tomorrow morning. Tonight he's in a secure Total compound until he flies by helicopter in the morning to join Usan. And twelve mooring lines later, he'll be back. This could take weeks though, so I'm just going to have to get on and cope the best I can.

Procrastinating less

our problem, wires, concrete and grey

We kind of finished our kitchen in the spring, but were left with a problem of flooring. Mr H had tiled the kitchen in the 70's and only tiled up until his cupboards and under the these there was (is) some concrete screed. Now I don't let the tiles, but we'll have to put up with them for now, besides we don't know if we want some cork flooring in the kitchen or something else.

I had originally wanted to hang some kitchen wall cabinets off the ground in the sitting room, like over on Door 16, then I thought about doing it in the kitchen, however this wasn't possible if we wanted to hide the horrible floor, so we opted for this option, Ikea kitchen cabinets placed on a wooden base. You can still see a little bit of the grey, but it's better, beside we couldn't place it better because none of the walls in this house are straight.

I really wanted to have a space downstairs to regroup the children's school books, for two reasons, firstly so they work downstairs, instead of pretending to work at their desks upstairs and secondly, because our children are lazy and if they forget a text book upstairs, the last thing they want to do, is climb over 40 steps to go and fetch it.
So five cupboards for five children, each with a colour different apart from the end two doors.

This area is working out so well. Alexis and Marie-Kate work happily at the kitchen table, Oliver likes the square table in the other room like Charlotte, and as for Gaby she still prefers the sofa but at least I can see what she's doing. For now we're using post-its to remind me and them what tests (or assignments) they have coming up, this is great for me as I know I have to allow time to check. For example Gaby, has a Latin test today, music tomorrow and Civic Education on Friday. Marie-Kate just a poem left to recite one more time, Alexis has finished everything and lets not even start Oliver's and Charlotte's list.

We bought everything Friday, and finished everything apart from the wooden top for 5pm, just giving us time to get showered and off to see Salomé at the Opera de Paris(Bastille).
What a night...more later


So many things going on here, I haven't had anytime to post and when I did have a spare couple of minutes, guess what, my camera cable plug snapped!
So what's been going on here....
Back to school has been easy to deal with, the children are all happy despite the amount of homework they have each night, yes, even Marie Kate aged 7 has written work and reciting to do, everyday.
This morning, after I've finished here, Alexis has two assignments to do, plus some History etc...
Changing the subject, almost two weeks ago, I had to go back to the UK for the funeral of my auntie. I went on the Friday(funeral day) and came back on Sunday, so not much time, and rather sad.
I did manage to buy some clothes for the children from T K Maxx and George (Asda) and pick up a copy of my favourite English cooking magazine.
Marie Kate helped me make this supposedly delicious lemon butter icing cake, I didn't taste it as I have a couple of pounds to shed.

I found a couple of cookbooks at the airport that looked good and later ordered them on Amazon, one's by the Hairy Bikers (Mum knows best...I think), great book with lots of yummy recipes. Marie Kate made these Empire Biscuits, this time I got to eat one and it was delicious
Tasted a lot better than they looked, we had a problem with the icing

mardi 6 septembre 2011

Home made Compass

Alexis has been busy this weekend baking his famous jam thumb print biscuits and yummy first time meringues. He also made a compass to find the magnetic north using a wine cork, a needle and a magnet.

Back to school 2011/2012

They really were happy to go back to school, just not happy to have their photo taken

Alexis and Marie-Kate went back to school yesterday. There were some last minute changes with regards to Alexis' class which was supposed to be a mixed level CE2/CM1 class, but three new pupils changed that and his class is now just a CM1 class which I'm pleased about.
Marie-Kate's ce1 class has a couple of new children in it too. In fact there are 21 new pupils in all that have joined the school this year, so many that a new class has been created, amazing.
Gaby went back yesterday, but just for a couple of hours. She's in 5eme 4 with the the same classmates as last year as hers is the only bi-langue class (English/German) and this year she has all the pupils that have chosen Latin as an option which totals 7,( 3 already do German).
Camera shy Charlotte
It's Charlotte's first day at Lycee this morning. She'll find out which class she's in, and which option she's got between here two first choices, either Lab Science or Philosophy.

Oliver started back yesterday too, this year he's in his last year of Lycee and he's in terminale S speciality Math.

jeudi 1 septembre 2011

TIny bathroom

We have a tiny bathroom on our first half floor landing, it really isn't very nice and has just enough space for a toilet, sink and built-in bookcase. There's a little window high up that you need to use a pulley to open it. This is the one window in our house that stays open virtually all of the time. The room's wallpapered, but I've started stripping it.

Just look at the colour difference between where I took off the wallpaper border and the wallpaper. I can't hardly imagine that this room looked so white before, instead of this dirty grey
I still have no idea what colours to use when it will be ready to paint, but not white.
I've been reading a little about Feng Shui in bathrooms and as this room is in the north east corner of our house we should apparently paint it green...
We are going to change the sink for a new on from Ikea and probably cover over the oak floor for hygiene reasons. Finally the girls have requested another mirror for here, what a surprise, so I'll be visiting our local thrift shop or getting on from Ikea.
Hopefully I'll get the room done by next Thursday (a part from the sink) as on Friday I'm off to the UK for the funeral of my Aunt.