mardi 6 septembre 2011

Back to school 2011/2012

They really were happy to go back to school, just not happy to have their photo taken

Alexis and Marie-Kate went back to school yesterday. There were some last minute changes with regards to Alexis' class which was supposed to be a mixed level CE2/CM1 class, but three new pupils changed that and his class is now just a CM1 class which I'm pleased about.
Marie-Kate's ce1 class has a couple of new children in it too. In fact there are 21 new pupils in all that have joined the school this year, so many that a new class has been created, amazing.
Gaby went back yesterday, but just for a couple of hours. She's in 5eme 4 with the the same classmates as last year as hers is the only bi-langue class (English/German) and this year she has all the pupils that have chosen Latin as an option which totals 7,( 3 already do German).
Camera shy Charlotte
It's Charlotte's first day at Lycee this morning. She'll find out which class she's in, and which option she's got between here two first choices, either Lab Science or Philosophy.

Oliver started back yesterday too, this year he's in his last year of Lycee and he's in terminale S speciality Math.

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