mercredi 21 septembre 2011


So many things going on here, I haven't had anytime to post and when I did have a spare couple of minutes, guess what, my camera cable plug snapped!
So what's been going on here....
Back to school has been easy to deal with, the children are all happy despite the amount of homework they have each night, yes, even Marie Kate aged 7 has written work and reciting to do, everyday.
This morning, after I've finished here, Alexis has two assignments to do, plus some History etc...
Changing the subject, almost two weeks ago, I had to go back to the UK for the funeral of my auntie. I went on the Friday(funeral day) and came back on Sunday, so not much time, and rather sad.
I did manage to buy some clothes for the children from T K Maxx and George (Asda) and pick up a copy of my favourite English cooking magazine.
Marie Kate helped me make this supposedly delicious lemon butter icing cake, I didn't taste it as I have a couple of pounds to shed.

I found a couple of cookbooks at the airport that looked good and later ordered them on Amazon, one's by the Hairy Bikers (Mum knows best...I think), great book with lots of yummy recipes. Marie Kate made these Empire Biscuits, this time I got to eat one and it was delicious
Tasted a lot better than they looked, we had a problem with the icing

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