dimanche 25 septembre 2011

Fitness and my dip station

Charlotte likes taking photos of everything and thankfully she cut off my head on this one, but you can see my new dip station, and that's what counts.

For the last 7 weeks Alain and I have been on a fitness drive, eating less (snacking I mean and cutting out butter, sugar , processed food et cetera) and doing sport when possible, and I'm happy to be back at a more acceptable weight.
I have been following Zuzana on Bodyrock tv, and have even bought a dip station, and I just love it.
Next up, I just have to get a sandbag, but maybe not in pink, so that Alain can use it too.
I still have a few kilos to lose, but maybe by the time Alain gets back from his FPSO in Nigeria I might be half way there...

I won't mention how much I have lost, because it's kind of frightening, but a lot, and I like it.

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