jeudi 1 septembre 2011

TIny bathroom

We have a tiny bathroom on our first half floor landing, it really isn't very nice and has just enough space for a toilet, sink and built-in bookcase. There's a little window high up that you need to use a pulley to open it. This is the one window in our house that stays open virtually all of the time. The room's wallpapered, but I've started stripping it.

Just look at the colour difference between where I took off the wallpaper border and the wallpaper. I can't hardly imagine that this room looked so white before, instead of this dirty grey
I still have no idea what colours to use when it will be ready to paint, but not white.
I've been reading a little about Feng Shui in bathrooms and as this room is in the north east corner of our house we should apparently paint it green...
We are going to change the sink for a new on from Ikea and probably cover over the oak floor for hygiene reasons. Finally the girls have requested another mirror for here, what a surprise, so I'll be visiting our local thrift shop or getting on from Ikea.
Hopefully I'll get the room done by next Thursday (a part from the sink) as on Friday I'm off to the UK for the funeral of my Aunt.

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