mercredi 16 novembre 2011

Alexis' homework and cat

Alexis is in CM1 (year 5), and he's loving every minute of it. He has the head of the school as his teacher 3 days a week and Mme D once a week and it's working out great.  His teachers are motivators, and boy they get a lot of work done and even manage to do sport everyday (this was never the case in the south of France, nor in the Uk for that matter. 

 Alexis will get his school report at Christmas, one with averages out of 20, his first like this. The other day he got all of his tests out and calculated his average, bearing in mind his worst mark this year was an 17 in dictation.  So he's doing just great with a 19.68 of average overall. He's one happy chap and we're proud of him.

He gets lots of homework,  it seems that he has more than his brother who is in terminal S (last year of high school or sixth form), but Oliver is lazy.  At least once a week he has a good hour of homework, but most days in 20 to 30 minutes.

 It's a dream year, Alexis loves sport, he likes to work and he's very competitive. What else do they find time to fit into 4 days of school per week? Well lots of art and sculpture with a real sculptor from the village, and don't know about you, but I just love the cat he brought home.
Soon as you enter our house, it's the first thing that greets you.
I yes I nearly forgot, Alexis' class are learning to play the harmonica and the recorder, too, hats off to Mr B and Mme D, they are just amazing.

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