mercredi 2 novembre 2011

Chateau de Versailles

After living in the suburbs of Paris for just over a year and only 20 minutes from Versailles, we thought it was high time to visit the Chateau.

Despite arriving early, the place was heaving with people, but it was a beautiful morning and the queue was still reasonable and we had printed out our tickets at home (getting organized). The good thing about the chateau de Versailles is that it's free for under 18's,  so all of our children could visit and it would (and did) only cost 36 euros (18 each for Alain and I). However, getting a 15 and 17 year out of bed was am impossible feat, so we went with just three out of five children.  
The children really enjoyed the visit, and Alexis proved to be quite an expert on everything "Versailles" under the reign of Louis XIV, perhaps having played and finished his two cd roms on the subject (Enquetes à Versailles), which I highly recommend.

 Towards the end of the visit, the children were feeling in need of something sugary and they found the answers to their prays in the form of these delicious cakes, oh and boy, the chocolate ones were to die for and worth every centime (6.50 each). 
We had planned on visiting the gardens afterwards and eat out picnic, but the rain put an end to that and we ate our home-made chicken wraps with avocado in the car while queuing to leave.  
Still we had a great day and plan to visit again, next year in the spring.

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