dimanche 13 novembre 2011

cooking for children after Verjus

Cooking after last night was a tall order and our children ate take outs last night, so to bring them back to reality and  certainly to real food, they ate caramelized meatballs with a radish and carrot salad along with one of Alexis' famous vinaigrettes from our all time favourite French cooking book "Soeurs Scotto".  This book is so amazing, with a mixture of French cuisine mixed with Italian and Japanese influences that make it so special.
Our family favourite recipe from this book is a veal blanquette with vanilla.

Alain and I ate (diet after yesterday), gambas in a light tempura with stir fried ginger and garlic veggies 

We eat with chopsticks the majority of the time, sometimes the colours don't match but that's fine as long as it tastes good

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