lundi 28 novembre 2011

Fast Food and Meringues

 Meringues are very popular in our house at the moment, we make some a couple of times a week. Usually I just dollop big spoonfuls on a baking take like above,but last time I decided to be less rustic and use a piping bag. They looks great and I never got a chance to take a shot of them.
We don't eat at  Mc Donalds, Quick or KFC but I recently found a fast food sandwich here that has  been a big hit here at lunch-time. All you need is some Dijon mustard, some ham, cheese, a handful of potato chips and some pickles (or spinach ) and you assemble it all, then squash down another slice of bread and warm it up in a skillet with some butter and serve it with a salad. Yummy

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