lundi 28 novembre 2011

Ikea lamp and cushions

Last year, we bought some expensive cushions and cushions covers from The Conran Shop. The children used them sit on, flopping down on them, especially when you are a 17 year old who weighs over 80 kilos can kill a cushion cover, that's what happened here. They just gave away at the seams, such a shame.  One lesson learnt, no more expensive ones, instead a trip to Ikea and two new covers that cost 5.99 euros.  Alexis choose them, I preferred the orange velvet ones, though they were double the price.  Marie-Kate chose the lamp, and I love it. I kept my Tse Tse garland in the same place and our tv room cosier now with two light sources

Marie-Kate, Miss Geek, at her favourite place, in-front of the Mac.  Lunch-time at home isn't that bad, she told me today, especially when two boxes of chocolates arrive from the UK for Christmas and she gets to eat two before I hide them.

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