mardi 1 novembre 2011

Le Cinq à Paris...anniversary meal

On Sunday, Alain and I went to Le Cinq in Paris to celebrate our anniversary, just the two of us. To be honest, we had planned on going to L'Astrance but it was fully booked for lunch till December, hence our reservation for the 1st of December... so back to Le Cinq, great choice for us as we wanted to eat lunch rather then dinner and we only had to reserve one week in advance.

 We arrived a little early and waited while seated on some comfy sofas, however, we were disappointed not to be offered an aperitif, despite the fact we waited over twenty minutes to enter the restaurant.
The restaurant itself was beautiful, and the service was second to none, but, yes I am going to complain and I am probably in the minority, but the food was hit and miss.
we had the Dejeuner en liberté autour du marché and we just weren't enamored with this menu upon eating it. The wine was great, the champagne expensive, especially a Lançon rosé glass that cost 32 euros (if Alain had only known in advance....)
The beurre aux algues (seaweed butter) was just exceptional (from St Malo), the red mullet, just perfect but veal tartare with oysters, I was really disappointed with this starter.  
I will not bore you further, but Alain will be posting reviews on Trip Advisor and Internaute sometime soon.
Just to reiterate once more thought, the service was fantastic and the surrounding too, but I by far preferred the food at L'Amphytrion in Lorient...

You have to take a deep breath before looking at the receipt, scary really, but the Chablis was worth every centime.

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