lundi 14 novembre 2011

Lunch for Marie Kate who isn't hard to please..most of the time

Marie-Kate comes home for lunch on Monday's and Tuesday's and she tells me in advance what she'd like to eat, and usually I try to comply, and luckily today I had to go shopping.  She asked for vegetables and fish....mmm ok. I don't often look at food blogs, well not since moving here, but that's changed as of today. I found sites I loved again, like Smitten Kitchen, Joy the Baker et cetera. 

 Well getting an idea from Smitten Kitchen, Marie- Kate and I ate roasted aubergine(MK's was topped with some mozzarella too) with a tomato, onion and caper salsa and some tempura 
coated cod (from Brittany).
Did she like it? Well she ate it all up and said it was yummy but her favourite bit was the tomato salsa.
Even though I cooked it and I critic my cooking a lot, I have to admit that this lunch was good, the aubergine, meaty and the salsa great, and I'm crazy for fish.
Tomorrow, she's back home for another 2 hours lunch break, and this time I'm going to get her to prepare the topping for two home-made pizzas, that should be fun:)

As for tonight, we'll be eating this, but I doubt mine will look anything like it.
But before that, my children will be eating Double Dipped Apple Doughnuts that I found on Joy the Baker

You see what happens when you eat at Verjus, you just want to cook, cook cook....

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