mardi 29 novembre 2011

Scary/Messy Mudroom and basement, so embarassin

 This room is so untidy and dirty, I really hate it. 
There's a window that looks out on to the garden, one door that leads into the entrance hall  and another that leads you outside (under the studio) next to the where we park. See the horrible wall, well after cleaning it up, I'm going to put tongue and groove over it and then paint it in skimming stone.  We haven't yet decided if to make a  fitted shoe storage system with bench or just buy an Ikea room divider and pop it against the wall.
 Oh yes, nearly forgot, there's a third door that leads the way down into our basement.
 There are three rooms down there.  One is a wine cellar (messy), one a children's toy stockage room which is very big and has a window which looks directly onto the street (small and full of cobwebs usually, but the room is tidy) and a third room which is where Alain keeps all his power tools. 
 At the bottom of the stairs it's bad too, bags everywhere, books to give away too. I did manage to give all of my Gordon Ramsay and other cookbooks I hadn't used since we've lived here to friends (thanks Cedric and Cecile) so just a few hundred books to go.

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