lundi 5 décembre 2011

Astrance, amazing restaurant in Paris

Last Thursday, Alain and I got to eat at Astrance.  The table was booked in October, we had intended on eating there for our anniversary, but the restaurant was booked up for lunch until December, so instead we ate at the cinq, and although the meal was good, I think it's reputation is  way over hyped.
This was going to be our last shot in a starred restaurant, mainly because of our experience at the Cinq, but after eating at the Astrance, we've been blown away by the food, the service and the incredibly relaxed atmosphere that we're going back in February (booked till then) and I just can't wait.
As soon as I figure out how to transfer the photos on my phone to my computer, I'll put some photos on the blog of what we ate, however the food was so amazing, there aren't many, I just didn't want to spoil the experience by taking photos of every course, amuse bouche et cetera.

To be updated soon

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