jeudi 15 décembre 2011

Charlotte au Chocolat blanc avec Monsieur biscuits

 Remember I talked about the magazine, Papillote? Well here's that Charlotte I planned on making, it's a little late, but I did it, moreover Alexis and I did, because he had no school today as his teacher was on strike  (many teachers aren't happy with measures that will allow heads to assess them, giving them less or more in terms of pay rises).
 First we melted some white chocolate and then incorporated a juice of an orange, whipped up so cream and added some chocolate marbles (that incidentally melted...wasn't supposed to happen)...Oh yes, I forgot that we added some gelatin.
 We put some Monsieur biscuits around a mold, then some shortbread biscuits for the base.

Poured the white chocolate mixture into the mold and left it to set for several hours.

 And then these poor little men didn't last for long, especially this one,which fell into the hands of Charlotte

ànd here's Charlotte sporting a new hair colour (nothing to do with me) I'll talk about this another time.

And it between making this Charlotte and eating it, guess what? The older ones played Cluedo with the younger ones....This happens only once in a blue moon.

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