jeudi 29 décembre 2011

Christmas Present for us..Hang On It Coat Rack

 We had a late Christmas present delivered this morning here at the crack of dawn, something just for Alain and I, something useful but so lovely and it's pink.

I just needed a drill and a screwdriver (note for Alain...tidy up your tools please)
 And put it between the stairs and bannister, just enough place for it.  It's by the designers at Normann Copenhagen and comes in several colours, and for some crazy reason pink just appealed and I'm so glad it did

 Only room for five or six coats, I have three I wear a lot and Alain just two, one of which he's wearing today and the other one is with all the mess in the mud room....arghhh

Off to the DIY shop this morning to get sand paper and wood for mud room. Yes I'm motivated.

And Alain has been to the town hall and will now be able to vote in the next election here in France....we even have appointments for the children to get all their vaccinations up to date...

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