mardi 13 décembre 2011

La classe de 5.4 Gaby's school report

I don't normally write about school results and all that, but as I did for MK this year, I thought I'd have to do the same for my four other sweeties, even if one or two didn't do as well as they'd hoped (or we had hoped).
Today the turn of Gabrielle. She's 11, and she's in her second year at college (year 8 in the UK).
She is in the elite class (terrible to say that but so true), why? Because she chose options this year and last that group children together, those who aren't scared of a little extra work.  She's in a section called bi-langue which means she does English and German in tandem (mostly, from year 7, children learn just English and from year 9 they choose a second foreign language, usually Spanish. 
I can't remember if she has three hours or four of English per week and the same for German this year, but that was the case for last year anyway.
This year she took the option Latin.  She wasn't over keen, but we kind of pushed up a little, and she knew if she didn't like it, after one year, she had the right to stop.  Amazingly, she loves it, and for now at least, doesn't want to stop...yippee.
Ok in her class they are twenty eight children and twenty one of these are in the "bi-langue" class. Most of them either do Latin or Theatre as an option. 
On Saturday we met her form tutor in order to get her long awaited first school report for this year. And we learnt the following that out of twenty eight pupils

10 had felicitations, which like the highest honor you while in college
3 had compliments which is basically very good
3 had encouragements which means you are trying hard and we've noticed, and carry on it's good.
2 had been sanctioned for lack of effort.

The average of the class was a fairly high 13,70 (in comparison with what we've seen in the South of France, which was mostly between 10 and 11)
And eight pupils got an average more that 15, this is really good, the competition is at a maximum.
And guess what, Gaby, who is the youngest in the class (she skipped a class ages ago) was first of the class and first of her school year for that matter...big headed? no! Proud? Yes, proud as punch.
Sixty one tests since the beginning of the year, she managed to fight her way through them all and get averages over 19 in Math, English, Latin and Art and as for the rest, still amazing. Just under 18 of average is just awesome.

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