mercredi 7 décembre 2011

Marie Kate and Alexis in the Newspaper

 Ok, they're only in the local school newspaper, but still, Marie-Kate is even on the front cover (she's the one with the light blue coat in the front line near the middle).
 Her class are here again, this time after watching a piece of theatre in our local village hall
 Oui suis-je? Here, you have to find your child's eyes (and mouth on another page), this was hard....bad mother huh
 After the theatre her class wrote some review, here's Marie-Kate's(middle and to the left)..if you can't read it, she wrote "I liked it when the squirrel threw nuts at the woodcutter.
 Meanwhile, in Alexis' class, they have been working on liquids in science. They had to layer as many liquids as possible on top of one another, that didn't mix up. Alexis' group did 11, but another group 13.
 Last up was photos and a review of their visit and workshop with a local sculptor (Alexis is pictured on the far left and the boy on the far right is his best friend, Jeremy.

We a really  lucky to have live in a small village, with such a dynamic school.

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