dimanche 11 décembre 2011

New additions to our bedroom..Bookworm and Sapiens book tower

 For a very long time we've been longing for a bookworm(especially Alain), the idea  was to get a long one, but we changed our minds , when we came across a ptolomeo book tower while surfing on the Conran site. Far too expensive, but we still put the bookworm  on hold for a while.  Then while visiting one of my favourite blogs door sixteen I saw a sapiens bookcase, a lot like a ptolomeo but a hell of a lot cheaper....fast forward till last week.  I found out that you could buy a Sapiens at Habitat here at La Défense.  So we could get the two, a bookworm for Alain and a Sapiens for me, and all for less than a 5m20 bookworm.  
 A sapiens ready to be taken out of it's box

Christmas has come early and my book tower is full, whereas Alain needs a dozen or so books, mangas or graphic novels to fill up his bookworm

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