mardi 6 décembre 2011

Papillote, a cooking magazine for children

There's an amazing choice of quality magazines here in France, for both adults and children.  Our children receive quite a few magazines each month that are just brilliant, for example Virgule, a French literature for 10 to 15 year olds that's fantastic.

 It's appealing from the outset, extremely ludic and richly illustrated. We love this magazine, and it's one we couldn't go without.  Enough about that, because I wanted to talk about a brand new magazine called Papillote that's just been published and it's super....why did someone wait so long to come up with the idea, I mean a cooking magazine for children in France, it just has to be a success, no?

With over seventy pages of recipes and info, this magazine is adorable and everything looks yummy.  This is the first one out and timed perfectly for Christmas, with emphasis on chocolate, salmon and foie gras and much more

 The White Chocolate Charlotte above, is the first recipe we're going to try out tomorrow.
 This sweet potato recipe could be served up in a starred restaurant
 There's even a recipe by a Michelin starred chef to boot
 A bit of science
 A yummy foie gras Christmassy recipe
 and orange tarts to die for.
At the end of the magazine, there's a list of ingredients and children are asked to come up with a recipe using them and send a picture or drawing in, and the best one will be published...such good fun... and all this just for 3.60 euros.  
We whall certainly be cooking lots of recipes from Papillote between now and the new year.

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