mardi 13 décembre 2011

Rainy day

Despite what people might think, especially friends in the South of France, it doesn't rain here much, well not since we moved up here last year. However, during the night and this morning, we have had quite a downpour along with gusty winds of up to 100km per hour.
You can tell I'm English, because I love it, I love rain (not everyday of course) but just sometimes, especially when I am safe and snug at home.  
The photo was taken about 9.30 am, it was so dark outside.  You can just make out our neighbours house opposite, she has an enormous house with an attached barn too.  Next year the barn is going to be converted into a micro creche, she'll have the right to take care of up to ten babies (along with help).  She already has a similar set-up not far away, but for fifty babies!  Thankfully, it's only for up to ten here!

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