mercredi 28 décembre 2011

To do list

Sometimes (most times) we put things off doing things, and of late this is becoming problematic. So I thought, maybe if we write what we want or need to get done down (or type in this case), and tick them off as or when we get things done, it might just force us to actually do it.
Here goes with our list of things to do before the 1st of January

write to or phone loved ones( that I haven't had time to do..shame on me)  DONE and happy

buy knobs for Alexis' chest of drawers (poor boy has a hard life opening these drawersDone took ages too

read at least one book 

run 5km in less that 25 minutes (not on the far got it down to 27minutes)

Finish mud room ( highly improbable) started again but need more sand paper etc so stopped

buy frames from Ikea

Put up Charlotte's remaining present on wall  10.35 going to find hammer, but Charlotte is still sleeping....DONE and she's awake

phone bank and cancel direct debit (we've finished paying..yippeee)

Get Alain to get out of bed and go back to work after a longish Christmas break Done and missing him already

Read my emails and text messages  Done phew, that took some time

Change beds on top floor (gaby, alexis, mk) Done

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