dimanche 15 janvier 2012

New find at our local thrift shop...before and after

 This is the piece of furniture that we bought for our house in Sanary, it was great there, it held most of our crockery (one side) and art stuff for the children and our English club on the other.
However since we've moved, this piece just hasn't felt right and I've been looking for something a bit more rustic or 60's style ever since.
 I didn't find what I was looking for, but Alain didn't do too bad.  Probably 1950's, in oak and just a perfect fit for between our two windows.
 I did think about painting it, but I think I'll wait, I like seeing the contrast of wood against mizzle, it warms this area better.
Bad photo, but better than nothing.  We moved the picasso (ebay find) above and the Italian oil painting has been put it's place, next to our computer (not on photo).  I like Alain's bronze next to Picasso's flute player, they belong together.

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