mercredi 8 février 2012

Alexis' TEN today Part I

 Alexis had a bad night with two of his sisters who didn't stop coughing all night long, hence his face on the photo.   
Ten years old yet it seems like just it was yesterday.  
 Alexis cheered up when he opened a couple of his presents.  He'll open a couple more at lunchtime (with his Papa  unable to be there) and the rest tonight.

From Alain and I, Alexis has his first chemistry set (since opening it, he has being dissolving egg shells using lemon juice, vinegar and citric acid).  Some lego too.

When Alexis was small he wanted to be a marine biologist but in the last couple of years he has showed an interest in Architecture and thinks he'd like to be any architect one day. 
This is the present he liked the most (so far) and he built it fast.
So if you ever need to know what to buy Alexis for Christmas or whenever, you can't go wrong with Lego Architecture.

 Marie Kate helped me with the first of Alexis' birthday cakes, this one is a nutella and pear roulade (supposed to have been chocolate but someone has taken the 200g bar from the kitchen between last night and this morning...I wonder who)

 And finally a present from Granny in the UK, after the lego this wasn't what it had hoped for, but it will keep him warm when is -16°c like yesterday.

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