mardi 28 février 2012

February in the Chartreuse (4th stay at La Grange)

If there's a place we love going back to each year, it has to be La Grange situated in a tiny hamlet in the Chartreuse region of French Alps. 
The gite is amazing, with space for twelve and it's just so cosy. Norman and Gabrielle, the owners, who live next door are just adorable and we just love these guys.

See the photo above, this is what Gaby did when she arrived, I think you can see that there's a girl and a dog sculpted in the snow.  She also sculpted a couple sitting on the bench, but I'll have to get some photo's off Alexis' camera as this couple was the talk of all the hamlet, giving Gaby quite a reputation.
Here's the view from the gite, we'd just arrived and the children went out and re discovered the garden and fields around about.

 The second day it snowed a little, but this was the only time it did.  Before hand, Alain and I had managed to trail down to the nearby village (St Pierre d'Entremonts) and buy some ( to die for) muffins from the local bakers (just for those it's worth going back for).  The way back was tough though, three and a half kilometers with over a three hundred meter denivelation....guess what though, we did it again a couple of days later, faster and carrying back meat for the butcher's shop too.

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