jeudi 2 février 2012

La dame de Pique and Musée international d'art naïf

Our thermometer's reading this morning was -9°c and with the wind it was more like -15°c...apart from taking Marie Kate to school I haven't set foot outside, even now with the sun shining it's a freezing cold -7°c.  Marie Kate went to school well wrapped up ready for here school outing to Vicq and the International museum of Naïve Art. She's been so excited about it, they are going to do lots of workshops and eat a picnic.....just hope that they ate somewhere warm inside in weather like this.
We booked to go to the opera is Paris tomorrow, reserved ages ago, so we are just going to put on our winter woollies and brave the cold. This will be our view point from where we will be seated (I like the national Opera website), can't wait.

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