mercredi 29 février 2012

Photography from the Chartreuse by Norman C

Norman (who owns the gite "La Grange" along  with his wife Gabrielle) is very artistic who takes great photographs. This time I brought two of his photographs home.  They were taken close to where he lives and he edited these two to give them a kind of spooky feel. 

In April some of his photos will be on exposition, I'll have to find out where exactly but I think it's Chambery.
I did have a problem with the size of the photos and the Ikea standard frames I bought. There was a gap between the mat board and the photo, so I had a choice, get some custom made matting boards, in other words wait to hang them, or paint the back board white or black, black in this case and hope that the contrast between the photo, the paint colour, the mat board and frame worked.   I like it.  The photo above isn't that good (I'll try and get a better shot) but in-situ they are just fine.

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