mercredi 29 février 2012

Two Danish thrift shop chairs

We saw three chairs that were reserved the Saturday before going on holiday, we liked them straight away, didn't need them though and besides they were reserved till 6pm that evening. It was a cold weekend, inside and out and the temperature in the thrift shop was minus fifteen on Saturday, so they weren't many people.  We hedged our bets and thought it would be worth our while  going  back Sunday morning and see if they were still there, hoping that the freezing cold weather would have put the people off going back to pick them up...and as you can see from the photo that's exactly what happened, all three chairs were there.  
We were told they were Danish. We bought two, sad really to leave one, but I thought if the people who originally wanted all three came back, at least one chair would be a little consolation for them.  
I'm no expert but I'd say they date from the 50's, they are in amazing condition and the wood and how it's shaped is just beautiful.  
One is in the sitting room, and the other in the kitchen and the two chairs were 20 euros each.

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