vendredi 2 mars 2012

15km Black trail cross country skiing at Le Desert with Charlotte and Alexis

Alexis, Alain and Charlotte, the Mont Blanc is somewhere behind

 The Friday before we left the Chartreuse we took Charlotte and Alexis to Le Desert and thought we's try the black trail which is 15 km long and fairly hard.  We were told at the station that if we found it too difficult there was a passage at a point onto the red trail to it short, so we were prepared, just in case. 
Alexis was brave, climbing up over 100's of meters were tough for him, and Charlotte was ready to cut off the black trail, but we carried on and once we were at the highest point, we didn't see Charlotte or Alexis much, as they like descending (and falling) fast, I mean Alexis just shoots down and doesn't brake at all and Charlotte barely.
Whereas I'm a cautious type and I slow myself down a lot.  Alain who learnt to ski in Norway with telemarks is a great skier but was jolly tired at the end.
I have to say the first half of this trail is amazing (before it meets with the red one), the views were sometimes fantastic and snow was good (not frozen), the sun shone and we had the trail to ourselves, really just us four.
Afterwards we treated ourselves to a couple of hot sugary cappuccino's and the children had some jam rissoles that I never got chance to taste as they were quickly eaten by two happy but exhausted children.

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