jeudi 29 mars 2012

Alexis' class in Auvergne .....What French children get to eat when on school camp

Ok all is not great when it comes to eldest son at the moment, but will get through it.  What is great though, is to receive a mail from Alexis' teacher telling us all what they have been doing, and eating....There were even some photos and this one is of Alexis.
On the subject of eating, Alexis is a fussy eater, he doesn't like onions, can you imagine that? He's not fond of vegetables (courgette, aubergine ....) but loves salad.  I was a little worried about him going on this school camp, for the sole reason being, would he eat properly, even onions if he had too.  It seems that I didn't need to worry, because this is what they have  eaten so far

Ce midi : c’était salade de tomates et mozzarella , poulet riz safrané et éclair au chocolat
Lunch     tomato and mozzarella salad, chicken and saffron rice and for dessert a chocolate eclair .....Alexis is in food heaven with food like this

Ce soir, nous avons mangé une macédoine de légumes mayonnaise , une délicieuse pizza avec  sa salade verte et en dessert un cône vanille chocolat.  
Evening meal   mixed vegetables with mayonnaise, a delicious pizza with green salad and a vanilla and chocolate ice-cream cone

And last night
Salade composée avec du thon , pâtes à la bolognaise, œuf à la neige 
mixed salad with tuna, pasta bolognese and for dessert île flottante (floating island).....still in heaven

It's 9 am here and I'm  hungry after typing their menus out, I wish I were ten years old again and could eat what they have...yummy.  

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