jeudi 29 mars 2012

Banned from Facebook

 Today as a last resort,  I have blocked access to Facebook on Oliver's computer, in fact, I've blocked him from quite a few sites and he has limited internet and limited computer time.  He can only use his computer between 6 and 7 in the morning and 17h and 19h in the evening (week days) On Saturday he has a little more time and Sunday just a couple of hours early on.  Why would a mum be so cruel?  Well for the simple reason being that Oliver just doesn't work, can't be bothered.  He's in terminale S, last year of high school, like 2nd and last year of sixth form and he doesn't work.  Why?  Because he has decided to put all his eggs in one basket and sit a couple of competitive entrance exams for some (expensive) business schools here in France, ones that don't look at your school reports and just base their choice on how well you do in the written and oral exams.  To be honest I'm furious with him and his attitude towards working hard and I just can't get through to him, and boy we have been trying for years.
He got a warning this term for lack of work, that's an understatement!  He thinks it's unfair, because he is above the average in terms of grades ( a tiny bit) and that's thanks to his English marks.  
Anyhow, we are feeling kind of lost in a thick blanket of fog, never imagining this outcome, he doesn't care, he just wants someone to pay the fees for one of these schools that he'll get into, because that's something he really wants and so what if it's costs someone a hell of a lot of money. Spoilt brat attitude.

Oh yes, there's one term left, Oliver says there's no point in working now, because no-one counts the final school report, unbelievable, I'm just lost for words.
I'm now awaiting Charlotte's teachers remarks on her report, please let this one be more positive, can't possibly be worse.....

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