mercredi 28 mars 2012

The children's bathroom Before...Phase 1 cringe

 This bathroom really makes me cringe with embarrassment. What makes it worse is that the chidren have been slowly pulling the wallpaper off the walls in protest of having to put up with this room since we moved here in October 2010
 The sink is enormous and takes up half of the bathroom. The drawer underneath fell off some time ago. There's no storage space, just a couple of towel bars Mr H left behind, along with a mirror. Gaby hates everything about this bathroom, but especially the tiles, those is loathes.
 Personally, I like them, I like small tiles and I like the colour, but I'm alone on that one, even Alain says that they have to go.
 For a small room, it took me all day to strip it down to this.  The children have decided they want it painted either green or cream and if it's cream, they want green tiles and vice versa if the walls are green.  Oh yes, and orange accessories. 
Shopping list is as follows and changes are possible
New toilet (not suspended like we had in Sanary) possibly square shaped
New sink, taps et cetera from Ikea
Farrow and Ball paint (cooking apple green or teresa's green or new white or similar) 
Tiles for floor and walls 
Shower or bath?  The children want a bath with shower screen, probably good idea and it would cover up the place when the bidet is right now, but we never have baths here, just showers, so what's the point? Also, to fit in here, it can't be longer than 160cm, unless we moved the radiator and put it under the window.....No no no, not a good idea.
That leaves just the choice of a storage unit.  Ikea have some nice towers with enough space for all their towels and sundries, but just the other day I came across some old lockers, a set of three (three kid bathroom, three lockers) for 35 euros in my local thrift shop, and if there's chance of finding the space which would only be possible with a shower cubicle, I think it would be fun.

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