jeudi 15 mars 2012

Daisy Chains

There's a big difference between the garden we had in the south of France for eight years and this one here, here we have grass, in Sanary we had Olive trees and mimosa's. Grass does grow in the south but you have to water it, something I was unprepared to do.
I like having a lawn and even though I have to charge our lawnmower's battery three times to actually finish  cutting it! However, Marie-Kate doesn't want me to cut the grass because there's thousands of daisies and primroses flowering all over it (fine by me).
Yesterday afternoon, the sun shone and for a 14th of March the temperature rose to a lovely 20°c.  While I started to mark out new flower beds, Marie-Kate planted some more Primroses (bought from plant sale at school to raise funds for schools trips, equipment et cetera) and made herself a daisy chain.  We like no school Wednesday's, especially when we can get outside.
Today is going to be even warmer, I'm going back outside, lots to do. And this afternoon Alexis has invited J for play and he wants me to buy ice cream and lemonade...sounds like he's going to be making some ice-cream

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