lundi 12 mars 2012

Gabrielle's 12th Birthday

Gaby's lemon curd sponge cake covered with a white chocolate frosting

I'm a bit late uploading photos onto my computer but now it's done and I can cross another job off my to do list.  

Gaby turned twelve on Thursday, twelve, amazing.  Since going back to school in September, this year in  5eme, she has matured a lot.  She's calmer, she's more organized (work wise...but lets not talk about her bedroom!) she loves school, and most of her subjects, especially Math, French, English, German and Latin....  Latin, interesting, as she only started it this school year,  and it's an introductory year where she gets to choose if to continue or not for the rest of her time at college and maybe (hopefully) Lycee. she said at the beginning of the year she'd only do it for one year but guess what( she might not admit it)? She likes Latin and hasn't said anything about stopping, here's keeping my fingers crossed
Gaby is still shy but is very popular and has a best friend since starting college "Marjolaine", she doesn't do Latin, she chose Drama instead and hates it...

 Here are a couple of the presents she received.  She has been very busy using her new camera.
 For her Ipod and her cd's and for an alarm that she doesn't need because she's always awake at the crack of dawn.

And no, I didn't buy this present, Granny did. It's a giant make-up case. I never wear make-up, much to my mother's disappointment, so she's compensating and she's happy to have three grand daughters, two of which, who are actually happy to receive presents like this...

Oh yes, the cake was good, Gaby loves lemon curd, so I made a sponge cake, filled in with lemon curd and covered it with a very calorific white chocolate frosting.  
No more birthday's for over a month (thankfully) because with cakes like this you need time to work off the kilos.

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