mercredi 14 mars 2012

The Other Side of the Door

The children have really enjoyed playing in the garden today as the weather has been wonderfully warm, even warmer outside than inside...really.
I took this photo of Charlotte quite by chance, in fact Marie Kate wanted  me to take a photo of her daisy chain (more later about that) just when Charlotte came home...late again. 
Now you can see the iron door in the background, this leads you out onto a village road. There is space at the side for one car, under what will become our sixth bedroom that would be have been our seventh if we weren't going to change Oliver's one in to a large open landing office area...that's another story.  The new room (see older post somewhere on this blog) is big 36m2 and we are getting quotes soon to open up the a door way on a bearing wall leading into this room...oh yes and the whole front of the house needs to be renovated i.e rendered, this is a big job too.  More to follow

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