lundi 26 mars 2012

Random thoughts and happenings

Things have been a little busy around here, what's new.  Added to that, I've got a few mum worries which is hard for me as I'm unable to go the UK unless absolutely necessary, which thankfully isn't just quite the case as my family over there, are all pulling together to help my mum who's convalescing at home.
Secondly, eldest son who tells me that he's grown up and can do things on his own, has just proved the opposite.  He's late applying for his post A levels choices (schools, universities, prepas et cetera) and just has no sense of organization at all. Hence the fact, that we have taken over, printed charts for him to fill out with cut off dates for inscriptions, place of exams, and for some, the fee just to sit the exam and the enormous cost if he were accepted.  We have already paid nearly 200 euros so he can sit the exam "pass" and tonight we have the double to paid out so he can sit the sesame exams.
On to brighter subjects, Alexis, has been excited for ages to go on school camp in the Auvergne region here in France, and today was D day, I'll miss him, but I'm so happy that Alexis' with his friends and his class and his wonderful teacher Mr B. He'll come back wiser and with lots of fond memories (I hope) and let's not forget, some Fourme d'Ambert cheese. He's got thirty euros pocket money and  four stamped addressed envelopes packed ready for him to pop some postcards in and send back to us, mamie and papy and grannie...will he remember?

On the house front, we have started the top floor bathroom...more to come soon (camera is downstairs and I'm feeling lazy)
Saturday evening, Alain and I went to see Ubu Enchâiné starring Eric Cantona at the Athénée theatre in Paris, wow what an evening (photos to come, this time on my phone, which is downstairs too)
Finally, we went for a run on Sunday, this time building on endurance.

13.6 kilometers in 1hour 28 with a couple of minutes in that when I had to drink and Alain had the water, yes, it was really warm yesterday (today too). 

Our target is to be able to complete a 33 kilometer trail competition this summer (pre inscribed) and not be last and try to finish in less than four hours.

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