jeudi 1 mars 2012

Still in La Chartreuse Le Pic de la Cochette 1618m

Last Wednesday Alain, Oliver and I planned to snowshoe up onto the Le Pic de La Cochette. This is a fairly short (just over 3 km up) but  a difficult path to climb with a denivelation of 400m+.
So kitted out with our snowshoes and our poles (thanks to Decathlon) and my runtastic pro app running we started out.   Unfortunately super unfit Oliver aged 17.5 didn't get further than 800 meters....too hard he said, so with car keys in hand a little money he left us to it.
The snow was deep in places and it's supposed to take an average of two hours to reach the top but I love going up more than coming down so I was up in 54 minutes and Alain a little (6 minutes) later. 
The view was just breathtaking and I could have stayed up there all day, but had to be back for lunch with the children and besides I'm scared of heights  so this is as close as I dared to go to the edge.  On the above photo you can see the Mont Blanc in the distance which is about 80 km away (I think)

 Alain made it and was rewarded with a couple of sliced of yummy saucisson...Did you know that you burn lots of calories snowshoeing! 
 The descent was fast and Alain was more at ease going down than  up and I had to run (with snowshoes) to keep up with him.  Thirty three minutes later we were down.  Poor Oliver was in the car playing with his phone and had (and still has) no idea what he missed.

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