lundi 26 mars 2012

Ubu Enchaîné

Saturday, we went to the  L'Athénée Theatre to see  Ubu Enchaîné.  We had a little time to kill before hand and decided to have a glass of wine in the theatre's bar.  We ended up sharing a platter of ham, saucisson and ham, it was a bit liking eating a ploughman's lunch but without an egg or pickles.  It was lovely, quite filling, but Alain and I managed to finish it just in time.

 The play was amazing, although hard for me to get used to the accents as the narrator, Giovanno Calo (fantastic actor) had an Italian accent and Eric Cantona, a strong southern accent. 
The whole play takes place in a kitchen, where the narrator played all the other characters using eggs (that get broken), slices of toasts (that end up on the floor), a tea pot (that he breaks) a flower (I won't go into details what I think he did with this) and a bottle.
At one point in the play, Ubu made an eruption via a side door just next to where I was sitting, it was wonderful to see him so up close.
If you get to see it before Eric leaves for the USA for two years, leave your rational mind at home and just enjoy it.

I really loved mère Ubu played by Valerie Crouzet, just brilliant. 

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