lundi 2 avril 2012

21 km trail still in the Vexin

Sunday morning, Alain and I ran for 21 kilometers for the first time ever and it was amazing.
We left in the quite early, and boy it was colder than the week before (3°c), Alain laughed because I chose to wear shorts, but after the first couple of kilometers I was glad I did.
Oh and those socks, Alain has some too, really helped me during the effort.
 We ran through some lovely countryside and some pretty villages in the Vexin, first La Chartre a small hamlet, then after a little hard uphill running, we got  to go down the GR2 (I love descends) which takes us through a forest.  Still on the GR2, we cut across Oinville (really pretty village) and then up again, but worth the effort, as we had amazing views of The Seine Valley, then onto Seraincourt, another typical Vexin village, oh so pretty. After Seraincourt we had a couple of kilometers that was tough on my legs (even with my socks!) but overcame that mentally and reached the highest plateau realizing I'd left Alain behind. I waited and admired the view and noticed we'd almost reached Gaillon sur Montcient, because of the golf course below, there were hoards of golfers. Alain told me later that a lot of them come from Paris to play here, and I can understand why.  

The last leg of the run was fantastic, because we knew we'd done it, yes us, who three or four months ago couldn't run more than three or four kilometers without nearly dying.  
We even managed a sprint at the end.  
Our goal was to finish between 2h18 and by the latest 2h30 but we managed it in 2h10.
One day later, I feel it a little still in my legs, but can't wait to go for a run tomorrow, and as for Alain, he cycled to the train station this morning, it's all down hill, but tonight he's going to suffer coming back up I think

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