mercredi 4 avril 2012

Alexis in Auvergne...back on Friday

 Day out learning about the region's volcanos 

We are all missing Alexis here and can't wait to have him back home on Friday after twelve days away (longest time away ever). 
Luckily we've been kept up to date via dear Mr B's emails and photos, which have helped a lot.  They've done so many things and visited so many places, I think the children will need this up coming long Easter weekend to recuperate before going back to school next Tuesday.
One of the activities Alexis was really looking forward to do was climbing.

I can't remember if Mr B told us that this wall was seven meters high on ten.  Alexis(in orange) is holding the rope and I think it's Jeremy (best friend) who's climbing.

Monday night, Nicolas, a storyteller came and presented three tales from the region
Peti - Peta, L'histoire du curé and le champ du diable....can't wait to hear about them from Alexis

Here's Nicolas, kind of cute for a storyteller

And of course, they been leaning a lot about volcanos, visiting them (don't worry mum, they are extinct)

What an amazing school camp, lucky children, great guides and amazing teachers, I think Alexis is going to come back with such wonderful memories and an  obsession for volcanoes which he was already keen on before he left.

Roll on Friday.... and getting ready mentally to say goodbye to Charlotte who's leaving for ten days to Spain and then Gabrielle at the end of April, who's off to Germany with her class for four days, now that's more reasonable.
I bet that the girls will never get round to sending any postcards, unlike Alexis who has send four letters/postcards so far, making Mamie and Papy, Grannie and and Alain and I very happy (guess who will be getting a very big Easter egg this Sunday?) 

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