lundi 2 avril 2012

April fools day, poisson d'avril

Mr B, Alexis' teacher has got a good sense of humor and can you believe that we fell for one of his tall stories yesterday, on April Fools Day.  He send us all (parents) an update titled "Bonne Nouvelle" about what they have been up to and he said that the class and been up in an hot air ballon. When Alain read out the mail, I though, that was a little dangerous, excited ten year olds crowded into a hot air ballon...but as the letter was sent after the supposed flight, I just felt relieved that obviously all had gone well.
It wasn't until Alain scrolled down through his mails and found another email from Mr B titled "Nouvelles" that he (and then I) realized he had played an April fools joke on us and we were duped. I wonder if any other parents fell for it too... 

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