lundi 30 avril 2012

Harry Potter and Trail Running and Alexis

 While the children were on holiday from school, I lost my temper once with Alexis.  He'd lost and/or had broken most of a box of expensive artist crayons.  I wouldn't have minded if he'd actually used them to draw/colour with, but he didn't. Anyhow, something strange happened afterwards.....Alexis started to read, yes, probably to get back into my good books, he actually picked up Happy Potty 1 and read it, amazing for a little boy who doesn't read much.
It doesn't end there, when he had finished the first book, he asked for the second (had to buy it in the end, could find it, even though it's somewhere here).
On Friday, Alain bought the third one home and Alexis' reading it.  He came home from school, had a snack, and he's in his room.  
Lets hope that after Harry Potter, he'll be more tempted to read other books, he's fussy so it should be fun.  He likes funny books and he's read all of Roald Dahl's, he liked A Diary of a Wimpy Kid and those Monsieur Scknock books, well he loved them.

Another new passion of Alexis is running with us.  Sunday we ran just 6 kilometers (remember last time Alexis cracked after 5 kilometers)...well this time, he cracked again, this time after the first kilometer...too muddy he said, he slipped all over the place and needs some trail shoes if he's going to continue.  We managed 6 kilometers, but it was a little slow (because of Alexis and a little, the mud).
Who got the muddiest?  

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