lundi 30 avril 2012

La Cité des Sciences Paris

Saturday, we went to La cité des Sciences with Gaby, Alexis and Marie-Kate. 
First up, we visited the exhibition  "Gaulois, une expo renversante or The Incredible Gauls (not my translation)  " and we really enjoyed it.
This is an extract taken from their website, lazy me
In many facets of their daily life and economic or political systems, the Gauls were every bit as advanced as the Greeks and Romans. Contemporary archaeology has provided us with a wealth of new knowledge, following thirty years of discoveries and scientific innovations. The incredible Gauls! is a fascinating exhibition that banishes the cliché of hairy barbarians and shakes up our generally accepted ideas. An excavation site, films, workshops and reconstructions will show you how the Gauls really lived, before the Romans arrived.

As luck had it, we were just passing through when the final children's archeology  workshop was just about to begin. Shy Alexis(first on left) and Marie-Kate(next to Alexis) were pushed in by Alain and that was a good thing...

Time to dig

 Afterwards the children had half an hour to spare, so off we went to LA Cité des Enfants.  Fun place, lots of children and lots of noise.

 And to finish off a wonderful afternoon, we went to watch Ptérodactyles (Flying Monsters) 3D at the Géode (giant screen cinema), great film even if David Attenborough lovely voice was dubbed.

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